Big Ruby

February 20 & 21 2014 Dallas, TX

Big Ruby is a conference focused on the use of Ruby in large organizations, infrastructures, userbases, and teams.

If your Ruby runs hundreds of servers, handles millions of users, and you count each and every millisecond, this is the conference for you.

$350 2 Day Conference Ticket
Seating is Limited
Chris Morris
Vito Genovese
Legitimate Business Syndicate
Ben Bleything
PJ Hagerty
Engine Yard
Adam Keys
Kerri Miller
Ada Developers Academy
Clint Shryock
Camilo Lopez
B.J. Allen
Mando Escamilla
Union Metrics, Inc
Tanner Burson
Ashe Dryden
Wynn Netherland
Richard Schneeman
Hector Castro

Hackers in Residence

Christopher Rigor
Engine Yard
Eileen Uchitelle
Nola Stowe
Classified Ventures
Evan Light
Coraline Ada Ehmke

Infrastructure as Code

The tools, processes, and companies at the forefront of this idea reach for Ruby at even the largest companies.

Service Oriented Architecture

These days, building "an application" rarely means just working with one code base. Our applications interact with internal and services and this changes the way we build and communicate with these services.

Need for Speed

The Ruby world we live in moves fast. Fast processing, response times, fast load times. It's also about teams that have to move fast, try concepts quickly, fail fast, and grow fast.

Go Big or Go Home

Bring me your data, your stats, your multitudes of users and share what you've learned. Beyond big data and applications, we'll be talking about big teams and having a big impact on the world.

  • Day 1 Thursday, Feb 20
  • Registration 8:00am
  • Welcome 9:00am
  • Morning Sessions
  • Keynote Keavy McMinn
  • Testing the Untestable Richard Schneeman
  • Lightweight Business Intelligence with Ruby, Rails, and MongoDB Coraline Ada Ehmke
  • Mo' Jobs Mo' Problems - Lessons learned scaling to millions of jobs an hour Tanner Burson
  • Building DEF CON CTF with Ruby Vito Genovese
  • Lunch 12:45pm - 2:00pm
  • Afternoon Sessions
  • How Shopify Sharded Rails Camilo Lopez
  • A 4-pack of Big Lightning Talks Chris Morris
  • Open source isn't for everyone, but it could be Ashe Dryden
  • Castle on a Cloud: The GitHub Story Ben Bleything
  • Closing Comments 4:45pm
  • Day 2 Friday, Feb 21
  • Welcome Back 9:00am
  • Morning Sessions
  • Keynote Glenn Vanderburg
  • Refactoring with Science Wynn Netherland
  • It Looks Like You're Writing a Service: Would You Like Help? Mando Escamilla
  • In Praise of Smallness B.J. Allen
  • Harry Potter and the Legacy Codebase Kerri Miller
  • Lunch 12:45pm - 2:00pm
  • Afternoon Sessions
  • Lightning Talks You!
  • Throw Some Keys on It: Data Modeling for Key/Value Data Stores by Example Hector Castro
  • Herding Elephants: How Heroku uses Ruby to run the largest fleet of Postgres databases in the world. Clint Shryock
  • Developers are from Mars, Developers are from Venus Adam Keys
  • Closing Comments 4:45pm
  • Hack Sessions Feb 20 & Feb 21
  • Signups at Registration
  • Using Docker in Testing your Configuration Management System Christopher Rigor
  • CRUD! What to Do When ActiveRecord, MySQL and Your Data Betrays You Eileen Uchitelle
  • Practicing to be a Better Developer through Katas Nola Stowe
  • Automating setup of a cloud server using the fog gem Evan Light
  • SOA ecosystem for event logging and Business Intelligence Coraline Ada Ehmke

Big Ruby Code of Conduct

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